Fanning Cup

  • 01 Apr 2020
  • 30 Sep 2020
  • TBD


  • this should be used to register an individual who doesn't have a team partner
  • Registration for two team members.

    Please include GHIN numbers of both team members.


2020 The GCGCSA is proud to open registration for the John Fanning Cup.

John Fanning has dedicated his life to the golf course industry for over 45 years. His career as a superintendent, sales representative, and mentor has had an impact on many of us. His hard work and love for the industry has helped shape our profession to where it is today. The highlights of John’s career are numerous. Some of which include serving as President of the GCGCSA, OTF, and KTC. John was editor of the Green Breeze, official photographer, and historian of our association.

Fanning Cup Rules

2 man teams - GCGCSA members only. Only 1 Affiliate member per team.  Cannot have the same team mate as the year before.

Match Play Best Ball with handicap

Entry Fee: $100 per team ($50 per man) (due prior to 1st match)

GHIN handicap required.  If no GHIN then a handicap of ‘0’ will be applied.  At each course players will receive 80% of their course handicap.  You can establish an eligible GHIN handicap between now and your first match by playing and submitting (5) 18 hole round scores.

For superintendents without a GHIN enter GHIN on the sign up form where it asks for your number (online at under events) and I will contact you about a reduced cost option to establish your GHIN. For vendors you can contact the CRC to join the CRC and have a GHIN handicap for $30. You can go to to join a Cincinnati Golf Course such as Avon, California, Glenview, Neuman, or Reeves.

Deadline to sign up is March 21st.  

Seeding to take place at social TBD.

Match location to be determined by participating teams each round.  If there is disagreement on location of match then higher seeded team gets to decide.

In the event that a match is not completed by the scheduled date a coin flip will determine who advances.

All inter group rounds to be finished by August 15th

Finals to take place at superintendent’s championship in September

To register for the event just go to and register your team under events.

If you don’t have a partner you may sign up and we will try to find you a team partner.

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